Osleek is a small company owned brand created to bring the world products that are both revolutionary and simple.

When creating our products we make sure that the end result will be something that our customers would enjoy using on a daily bases.

We believe that in order to create a great product we must first use ourselves and only then we can be sure that others will like it.

Every product we create has its own unique gift box. We believe that every product we create must be presented in a great looking case so that our customers can use our product not only for themselves but as a gift for their friends and loved ones.

So far we managed to create a few successful products that took the market by storm such as our famous Whiskey Stones, Cocktail Shaker set, Disposable Dinnerware set and our ping Pong paddle set.

One last thing. We have the best customer service in the world.

Because we are small and we know the value of a customer we will do anything to keep our customers happy.

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